Elastic waist pants provide the best in style, comfort, and ease...

Welcome to Elastic Pants and Socks™! If you're looking to buy the most comfortable and easy to wear waist pants for men and women, you have come to the right place. We offer only the very highest quality clothing for older men and women. As people get older, we know that simplicity is first on their list. Our pants are perfect for anyone, but especially those who have difficulty getting in and out of their clothes. Velcro and elastic waist bands make for the easiest to wear pants on the market. Our customers include many nursing homes, senior centers, and just regular ladies and gentlement who don't like wearing belts of drawstring straps.

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Our clothes look great too! Shop for what you are looking for, and have fun. Pick what size fits you best, and then pick a color.

After you've done your shopping for a pair of pants, you'll love our easy to wear, mens and womens socks. Putting them on your feet is easy, and they'll fit in any shoe size.

We are dedicated to delivering the best quality elastic pants online. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal. You will be thrilled with your purchase of adaptive pants and socks.